May 20, 2024

Best Places to Visit in East Kameng

East Kameng

Top Tourist Attractions in East Kameng

East Kameng district is located in the northeastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. West Kameng district to the west, Pakke-Kessang district to the south, Kurung Kumey district to the east, and Papum Pare district to the southeast share an international boundary with China.

Best Places to Visit in East Kameng

The Three Valleys

From the roadside, the three valleys of Pakke-Valley, Pappu Valley, and Passa Valley are worth seeing. The beauty of the rivers is enhanced by their meandering paths. Paddy fields may be seen on both sides of the rivers. During the winter, migrating birds flock to Lumdung (Passa). During the summer, the valleys turn a beautiful shade of green.

Seppa Block is responsible for Lumdung-Pappu Valley, whereas Pakke-Kessang Block is responsible for Passa and Pakke Valley. Pakke-Kessang Block HQ is located at Pakke-Valley. Lumdung (Pappu) is 21 kilometres away, Passa (Rilloh) is 78 kilometres away, and Pakke is 140 kilometres away from Seppa, the district headquarters. Visit these sites and stay in Inspection Bungalows by renting a sumo or van. Pakke-Kessang is a chilly area, and visitors should dress warmly.

Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary is located within the Seijosa Circle. Tezpur is 64 kilometres away, while Seppa, the district headquarters, is 225 kilometres away.

Hill Stations

Bameng, Chayangtajo, and Pakke-Kessang are also beautiful highland stations. They are 48, 81, and 141 kilometres away from Seppa, respectively. Chayangtajo is known for the snow-capped mountain “Gorichaan,” which can also be viewed from Bameng.

Angling & Fishing
River Kameng is a great place to go angling and fishing in the winter. Anglers must get authorization from the district before doing so.

 Best Time to Visit in East Kameng


How to Reach East Kameng


Tezpur and Guwahati (Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport) in Assam are the closest airports. From Tezpur and Naharlagun, helicopter (Pawan Hans) services are possible. Indian Airlines and Sahara Flights can take you up to Tezpur, from whence you may take the land route.


Nearest railway station Guwahati.


The majority of East Kameng District’s locations are connected via motorable roads. By road and air, Seppa is connected to the capital, Itanagar, and the neighbouring state of Assam. From Itanagar and Tezpur, Assam, visitors may go to Seppa via bus, private car, or taxi. There are two (2) ways from Itanagar to Seppa: one through Bhalukpong (430km) and the other via Sagali (around 210km). The first is better to travel than the second, despite the fact that it is longer. Due to land slides, the latter is nearly impossible to travel during the wet season. The distance from Tezpur is 220 kilometres.

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