May 30, 2024

Top Attractive Places to Visit in Lepa Rada

Lepa Rada

Top Tourist Attractions in Lepa Rada

The Lepa Rada district, with its headquarters at Basar, is one of Arunachal Pradesh‘s 25 districts in northeastern India. Lepa Rada is located in the Assembly Constituency of 29-Basar and the Parliamentary Constituency of 1-West. Because of its central location, the district is known as Lepa Rada.

Lower Siang district is divided into two districts, with Basar as the administrative centre.

Tirbin, Basar, Daring, and Sago would be the district’s four administrative units.

Best Places to Visit in Lepa Rada

Arunchal Pradesh

 Best Time to Visit in Lepa Rada


From November through March is the ideal time to visit. Between May and September/October, the region is typically inaccessible. The temperature ranges from minus zero in the winter to 36 degrees Celsius in the summer.

How to Reach Lepa Rada

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