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Karwar-India’s Offbeat Beach Destination in Karnataka

Karawar Station

Karwar Karnataka

A small picturesque town, located 59 kilometers from Gokarna, Karwar is one of Karnataka’s leading beach destinations. There was a mistake. It is renowned for Karavali Utsav every year on Rabindranath Tagore Beach, apart from its exquisite beaches and picturesque locations.

The city, taluk and administrative centre of Utzara Kannada is Karwar (formerly Carwar) located on the west side of South India at the Kali River Mouth, in the Indian State of Karnataka.


With its 27.9 km of urban areas (17.3 mi), Karwar is the biggest city in Uttara Kannada and is the popular tourist destination. The city is popular for its beaches and green destinations and its surrounding areas.

Karwar is an Uttara Kannada coastal city on the banks of the Kali River. The beaches and adventure sports, food, and nature of Goa are a delightful sheltered neighbour. Karwar is an outstanding city on the west coast of the country, the administrative capital of Uttara Kannada.

The name of Karwar comes from ‘Karwad.’ The British founded Karwar in 1862 as their seagoing headquarters. Five islands, namely Anjidiv, Kudumgad, Devgad, Mogral and Shamshigodda, are surrounded by the port of Karwar. These islands prohibit monster winds from damaging the harbor. Ibn Battuta has named it ‘Baithkol’ in his works that he went through Karwar. During the Second World War, Karwar acted as an Indian Navy training base.

Karwar provides a splendid view, full of lovely scenery, clear backwaters and rocky mountains. It looks as though the hills rise from the Arab Sea, which allows for a fantastic view. Karwar’s major occupation is farming. There are many beautiful beaches in this area. Karwar’s seafood cuisine is, thus, popular. The fish curry is brilliant, but it’s distinct. They use basic elements like chocolate, ginger and turmeric. You can read about Karwar’s various beaches and their specialties in this report.

Rabindranath Tagore Beach This name could be awesome and unrelated. But a 22-year-old Tagore went to the city to stay with his brother, a regional judge in this city. His first play was inspired by the ocean. The most famous beach here is also known as Karwar Beach. There is a playground, a playground and an aquarium with a beautiful musical well. This beach is perfect for diving, because the water isn’t profound. Kairali Utsav is a four-day event held every year from December to January at Rabindranath Tagore Beach.

Devbagh Beach Located in the north of Karwar, this beach is popular not only for its cool, golden sands but also for the sports of the sea. The activities that have taken place there include fishing, dolphin watching, sailing, snorkeling and kayaking. Devbagh Beach overlooks western Ghats mountains on one side and arab sea waters on the other. For a lifetime, that is a way to recall.

 Majali Beach Majali Beach is mainly a tourist beach in Devbagh’s vicinity. It’s equipped with boating, sailing, kayaking, pedals, dolphin viewing, escalating, birdwatching, etc., if you don’t have a cup of tea relaxing and lolling on the sand of the shore. Here is a very popular river cruise from Majali Beach to Tilmati Beach. The black sand of Timalti Cove! Fried fish rice is tasty on this beach.

Binaga Beach Situated 5 kilometers from Karwar and one mile from Karnataka and Goa borders, Binaga Beach is home to the Portuguese built ‘Nuestra Señora de St. Anne’s Church.’ It is also a naval base known as the Seabird project for the Indian Navy operations. This beach offers various activities including climbing, floating on the river, watching the dolphins and exploring a wracked ferry. July is the perfect time to visit this beach and any other beach in Karwar.

Koodi Bagh Beach On either side of the beach is Koodi Bagh, dotted with palm trees. You could easily see the Kali River entering the Arabian Sea at some point. That’s an eye to look at! The Koodi Bagh Beach offers a wide variety of sports, including canoeing, kayaking and banana boating. This beach has the beautiful coastline in the state. Koodi Bagh is renowned for its sunset and offers facilities for all ages.

Karwar is easily accessible via road from Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Mangalore.

Karwar General Information

Total Population: 51000

Area: 10291 sq km.

Season: December – May

Languages: Kannada and English

How To reach

By Air:

Dabolim (Goa) is 90 km from the closest airport.

By Rail:

Shirwad (6 km), on the Konkani Railway, is the nearest railway station.

karwar railway station

By Road:

The roads to the south frontier of the Goa River (10 km), Panaji (105 km), Mumbai (650 km) and Bangalore have been well-connected.

Places to Visit

Making your Karwar tour unforgettable by visiting the popular places of tourism near Karwar –

Dargah of Peer Shan Shamsuddin Kharobat: This eminent Dargah is a saint named Peer Shan Shamsuddin Kharobat. This saint is Baghdadi.

Naganatha Temple: This temple is singular, as here is adored an anthill.

Karwar Harbor: This excellent harbor can be used at all times in the Karwar Bay.

River Kalinadi: By Karwar, this river runs into the Arab Sea, and has motor launches to boat up the river.

Kurmagad Island: There is an ancient fort and a temple worth a visit on this nearby island.

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