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Choral Ghat Goa – Beautiful Place Beyond Beaches

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Place – Choral Ghat | State – Goa | Country – India

Choral Ghat Tourism | Choral Ghat Tourist Places | Choral Ghat Travel Guide

Goa Tourism | Goa Tourist Places | Goa Travel Guide

About Choral Ghat

Chorla Ghat is a natural Indian destination, at the crossroads of the Goan, Carnataka and Maharashtra states. It is located in Karnataka to the northeast of Panaji, Goa and almost 55 kilometers from Belgaum.

Goa is popular around the world for its beaches. The enriching ecosystem concealed in its hinterland, which is scarcely investigated, remains uncanny and pristine. The Chorla Ghat is situated at the crossroads of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa and really is a region of untamed pristine ecology.

The scenic trips to the wilderness of the Western Ghats via bridges, lakes and rice fields. This magical location lies within the mountains of the Sahyadri and is host to rare animal and bird species.

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Best Time To Visit Chorla Ghat

All year round, Goa is visited by visitors. Ghat Chorla is far from the beach and the visitor districts, on the eastern fringes. It is during mountains that lonely voyageurs and lovers of nature tend to visit Chorla Ghat. During monsoons months from June to September, wet moist green forests and roaring waterfalls and water streams are the highest.

How To Reach Chorla Ghat

By Rail: It is just 25 km to Chorla Ghat, Madgaon Railway Station. The key rail routes Maharashtra and Karnataka are connected further to Madgaon.

By Air: Chorla Ghat is 67 kilometers from Goa airport. This location is conveniently accessible by private buses and vehicles.

By Road: Maybe this is the easiest way of flying. Cross various paddy fields and bridges and then open up a view of the picturesque Sahyadri, motorcycle and car.

The route should ideally commence at Goa, 65 km from Calangute. The path from Mapura to Aldona links the trip to different sites via the waterfalls, backwaters and paddy fields. The path includes a variety of small cafes and restaurants that please their customers delightfully.

Tourist Attractions

1. Anjunem dam

The dam Anjunem is situated about 10 km away from Sanquelem city on the outskirts of the Sanquelim-Belgaum highway. The location has a mystic charm all around with a huge greenery. The wet nebula and heavy rain requires a rain jacket on a tour. The dam is located on the Sylvan Gorge, above Vagheri, the top of Goa.

2. Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

The notorious sanctuary of wildlife is near Valpoi area. It is classified as a paradise for bird watchers and includes 255 indigenous and tropical bird species. The gray bulbul, Nilgiri wood pigeon and Malabar parakeet can easily be found. Tiny animals including barking deer, the rare Black Panther, Indian Gaur and sloth bear can also be seen in the Sanctuary.

In order to encourage study and long-term monitoring of the Sahydri region’s western ghats and their biodiversity, Chorla Ghat developed a Nature Conservation Facility designed to provide a forum for environmentalists and wildlife biologists through a fully equipped field station for the location.

Places to visit include Twin Vajra Waterfalls and Peak of Lasni Temb.

Activities include: Foot trail, Jungle walks, Treks and hike, Machans and hide.

Chorla Ghat, one of our most cherished state pastimes. We’re rarely going to the beaches, but we’re always driving down to Goa. He crosses several bridges over rivers to enjoy the reflection in the waters of luxuriant green cocoan plants. Of course, one of us is crazy about birds and will stop there somewhere

Chorla Ghat Tourism

At the crossroads of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra Chorla Ghat forms part of the Western Sahyadris. The Twin Vajra Cascades are located in it. The roads of Chorla offer a gorgeous view of the West Ghats, and are a popular getaway in the Konka area. This Ghat is considered a paradise for bikers with a favorite destination for road trips. Panaji, the city of Goa, is about 50 kilometers away.

In order to track the biodiversity of the hilly area a nature conservation center has been built here. Chorla Ghat is also to be enjoyed by families for the indigenous fauna and flora including Barred Wolf Snake (Lycodon striatus). Accommodation is available and events such such as foot trails, jungle expeditions, treks and hikes.

Why to Visit Chorla Ghat

Chorla ghat is a tropical forest and now an eco-tourism destination.

Chorla Ghat (near Goa) is located right on the north-eastern side of the Goa-Karnataka-Maharashtra boundaries

There are many waterfalls around the area. Guests love to explore the area, do bird watching, butterfly watching and just enjoy a completely cut off and nature centric feel.

Wildernest Resort which brought the area on the tourism map, is an excellent getaway where guests can enjoy coastal cuisine and a completely nature centric getaway in laps of nature.

 Bird watching Destinations in Goa and North Karnataka

“Bird Life International has declared reainforests near the Chorla Ghats (50 km away from Thivim, North Goa), among which Malabar whistled Thrush and Malabar Gray Hornbill and the Nilgiri Wood Pigeon and Loten’s sunbird are among the species sought after here, white Cheeked Barbet, Nilgiri Flycatcher etc. ” ” ” ‘Rainforest’ ” “

Countryside Destinations in and around Goa

The Wildernest Résort, situated in Rainforest, offers guests a biking, walking, bird watching, ethnic cuisine and residence across the dense rainforests, in a total distance of about 20 km from Radius. “Wildernest Resort brought Chorla Ghats on the tourism map. Set in Rainforest within nothing within 20 kms Radius, Wildernest offers guests walking, trekking, bird watching, ethnic cuisine and stay overlooking thick rainforests. “

Access Information

Nearest Airport -Belgaum (60 kms), Dabolim (76 kms), Hubli (140 kms)

Nearest Railway Station – Thivim (50 kms), Karmali (50 kms), Belgaum (60 kms)

Chorla Ghats is an Ex-Panjim / Ex-Belgaum / Ex-Hubli / Ex-Kolhapur / Ex-Pune / Ex-Mangalore / Ex-Navi Mumbai / Ex-Mumbai / Ex-Thane / Ex-Bangalore / Ex-Mysore Getaway

Places to Visit in Goa Tourist Places in Goa, Sightseeing and Attractions in Goa

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