July 12, 2024

Tripura Sundari Temple Agartala

Tripura Sundari Temple Agartala

Tripura Sundari Temple

Tripura Sundari Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Tripura Sundari, also known as Devi Tripureshwari in the area. The temple is located in Udaipur, an old city about 55 kilometres from Agartala, Tripura, and is accessible by rail and road from Agartala. It is said to be one of the most sacred Hindu sanctuaries in this region. The shrine, popularly known as Matabari, is built on a tiny hilltop that resembles the hump of a tortoise (Kurma), and this form, known as Kurmaphkti, is regarded the holiest conceivable site for a Shakti temple, earning it the name Kurma Pha. Traditional Brahmin priests serve the Goddess..

The temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas, and tradition has it that the little finger of Sati’s left leg landed here. Shakti is worshipped as Tripurasundar, and Bhairava is worshipped as Tripuresh. The main shrine, a cubical structure with a three-tier ceiling and a finial, was built in the Bengali Ek-ratna style by Maharaja of Tripura Dhanya Manikya in 1501 AD. In the temple’s sanctum sanctorum, there are two black stone idols of the Goddess that are identical yet distinct in size.

Goddess Tripura Sundari is the bigger and more prominent idol, standing 5 feet tall, while Goddess Chandi is represented by the smaller idol, affectionately known as Chhoto-Ma (literally, Little Mother), at 2 feet tall. According to legend, the rulers of Tripura brought the lesser idol to the battleground.

A renowned Mela takes held near the temple every year on the festival of Diwali, which attracts about 0.2 million pilgrims.

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