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Ulta Gadha Dham

Ulta Gadha Dham Guariganj Amethi

Ulta Gadha Dham

Ulta Gadha Dham, also known as Garha Mafi, is a 55-foot upside-down monument of Shri Hanuman ji situated in the village Gadha Mafi, about eight kilometres from Gauriganj, on the Munshiganj route from Gauriganj, about three kilometres from the Darpipur crossroads. It is 55 feet high from the claws and 75 feet high from the ground, and it is here that Brahma ji, Lord Vishnu, and Mata Lakshmi, Shankar ji, Parvati Mata Durga, and Sai Baba’s platforms are established. The view of this forest is very attractive and beautiful, and devotees come from far and wide to have darshan and wish for their wishes.

According to locals, Raja Raktambha Singh ruled the country 200 years ago. He was a descendent of Lord Rama, according to legend. It is believed that this location, which is known as Garha Mafi, was originally the palace of King Maharajos, but that due to some unfortunate occurrence, the location was flipped upside down, and is now known as Ulta Gadha. Hundreds of years ago, an earthquake or divine disaster flipped the fort here upside down. As a result, the locals refer to this location as “upside down.” Apart from the government, the Archaeological Service has been informed of the presence of the fort’s remains and arches.

Ulta Gadha Dham
ULTA GADHA DHAM | Source: Wikipedia

Ulta Gadha Dham

How To Reach

Ulta Gada Dham Temple is well-connected by road, rail and air, and easily accessible from all parts of the country. This city offers comfortable and convenient routes from and to other Indian cities.

By Air

The closest airport to Ulta Gadha Dham is Charan Singh Airport, Lucknow.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is Gauriganj Railway Station which connected with all important cities in the country.  

By Road

There are also private taxis available from Gauriganj on the journey, car rickshaws, rickshaws and tempos.

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