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Mata Sharda Devi Temple Maihar Dham

Mata Sharda Devi Temple Maihar Dham

Located on Trikut mountain near Maihar tehsil in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh, this temple of Mata is called Shaktipeeth of Maihar Devi. Maihar means necklace of the mother. It is believed that the necklace of Maa Sati fell here.

 There is a famous temple of Maihar’s mother Sharda in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh. It is believed that after the evening aarti, when all the priests come down after closing the doors of the temple, then there is a sound of bell and worship from inside the temple. People say that the devotees of Maa “Alha” still come to worship. Often they perform the morning aarti, and every day when the doors of the temple are opened, some mysterious wonders are seen. Sometimes the sanctum sanctorum of the temple is filled with light and sometimes with wonderful fragrance. Often in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, a wonderful flower is offered on Maa Sharda. People come to Maihar Mata’s temple throughout the year to fulfill their wishes. It is believed that Sharda Mata gives a person the boon of being immortal.

Know Sharda Shaktipeeth

Located on Trikut mountain near Maihar tehsil in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh, this temple of Mata is called Shaktipeeth of Maihar Devi. Maihar means necklace of the mother. It is believed that the necklace of Maa Sati had fallen here. That is why it is counted in Shaktipeeths. After climbing about 1,063 steps, the darshan of the mother is done. The Maihar temple of Satna is the only temple of Mata Sharda in the whole of India. It is said that both the brothers Alha and Udal had first discovered this temple of Shardadevi amidst the forests. Alha had done penance for her mother here for 12 years. He used to call Alha Mata as Sharda Mai, that is why her name became Sharda Mai in trend. Apart from this, it is also believed that Adiguru Shankaracharya worshiped here for the first time in the 9th-10th century. The idol of Mata Sharda was established in Vikram Samvat 559.

How Maihar got its name Maihar?

On the basis of public opinion, it can be said that the name of Maihar Nagar came into existence only because of Maa Sharda Temple. Hindu devotees have been traditionally addressing the Goddess as Mother or Mai. Being Mai’s house, first Mai Ghar and after that this city started being addressed by the name of Maihar. According to another belief, during Lord Shankar’s Tandav dance, the necklace from the dead body of Mother Sati fell on the peak of Trikuta mountain. For this reason, this place developed as Maihar on the basis of Shaktipeeth and Naam Mai Ka Haar.

Temple History

It is believed that the first worship of Maa Sharda was done by Adiguru Shankaracharya about this temple located on Trikut mountain in the middle of Vindhya mountain ranges. The name of Maihar mountain is found in the ancient scripture “Mahendra”. It has also been mentioned in Puranas along with other mountains of India. The unreadable inscription just below the statue of Maa Sharda also contains many riddles. In 1922, with the inspiration of Jain visitors, the then Maharaja Brajnath Singh Judeo banned animal sacrifice in the Sharda temple premises.

Even today, Alha does makeup first

The sanctity of this temple can only be gauged from the fact that even now, people arrive in the morning to worship Maa Sharda. Mahant Pandit of Maihar temple says that even now the first adornment of the mother is done by Allah and when the doors of the Sharda temple are opened in the Brahma Muhurta, worship is found. Many teams have also camped to solve this mystery, but the mystery still persists.

Who was Alha?

Alha and Udal were two brothers. He was a brave warrior of Mahoba of Bundelkhand and a feudatory of Parmar. In the court of King Parmar of Kalinjar, a poet named Jagnik composed a poem named Alha Khand. The saga of these heroes is described in it. There is a thrilling description of 52 battles of the two heroes in this book. He fought the last battle with Prithviraj Chauhan. Alha, the devotee of Maa Sharda Mai, still worships and worships Maa.

First of all, Allah does the aarti of Mata.

It is believed that the mother had blessed Alha to be immortal after being pleased with her devotion and bravery. If people believe, even today at 8 o’clock in the night after the aarti of the temple, cleanliness is done and then all the doors of the temple are closed. Despite this, when the temple is reopened in the morning, there is evidence of worship and worship of the mother in the temple. Even today it is believed that every day first of all, Alha and Udal visit Mata Sharda.

great hero of bundeli history

The name of Alha-Udal is taken with great respect in Bundeli history. Bundeli poets have also composed the song of Alha, which is sung in every village and street of Bundelkhand in the month of Sawan. For example, the water here is fire, the water here is sung in the form of a saga of bravery. Not only this, even today, every Bundelon has a knak-knak baji sword of great fighter love.

Where is Maihar Devi Temple?

Maihar Devi Temple is known as Maa Sharda Devi Temple, but due to being located in Maihar, people all over the country know Maa Sharda Devi Temple as Maihar Temple. Maihar Devi Temple is situated on a high hill in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh, where one has to climb 1065 steps to reach it.

How to reach Maihar Devi Temple?

Maihar is a small town located in Madhya Pradesh, on the hill of which is the temple of Mataji.

 Let us tell you here that the facility of railway station and bus stand has been made available in Maihar, but airport facility is not available here, so tourists going to Maihar by airplane will have to face some trouble. Let us know in detail how to reach Maihar?

How to reach Maihar by flight?

About 135 km from Maihar. The nearest airport to Maihar is Khajuraho Airport, which being a domestic airport is connected to only a few important airports in the country. Tourists and pilgrims going to Maihar by taking flights from different cities of the country will have to take flight to Jabalpur airport, which is about 165 km from Maihar. Is located at a distance.

To reach Maihar from both these cities, you can go to Maihar by bus and taxi. Train facility has also been made available from Jabalpur to Maihar railway station.

How to reach Maihar by train?

Train connectivity to Maihar railway station is provided from Nagpur, Indore, New Jalpaiguri, Kanpur, Hazrat Nizamuddin, Howrah, Patna, Varanasi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai as well as some other important cities of the country. In case of non-availability of train to Maihar railway station, you can catch train to Jabalpur or Prayagraj railway station, from where Maihar is 165 and 205 km away. Is. Let us tell you that Maihar is located almost in the middle of these two cities, from where you can go to Maihar by taking a bus, taxi or another train.

How to reach Maihar by bus?

For Maihar, you will get to see bus facility from different cities of Madhya Pradesh state, but if you do not belong to Madhya Pradesh state, but belong to other states of the country, then you will have to go to Prayagraj, the nearest and bigger city of Maihar from your city. , have to catch a bus to Khajuraho or Jabalpur. You will get bus facility from many cities for these three cities. You can reach Maihar from Prayagraj, Khajuraho and Jabalpur via bus, train or even taxi.

How to reach Maihar by bike or car?

Maihar is connected by road to various big and small cities of the country. Any tourist of the country does not have any problem in reaching Maihar by road, because apart from roadways and petrol pumps, other essential things are also easily available when going to Maihar. If you also have a vehicle, then you too can easily reach Maihar by taking your vehicle.

How to reach Maihar by taxi?

Friends, let us tell you that you will get private taxis from all the big cities near Maihar to go to Maihar. If you are planning to travel to Maihar by bus, train or flight, you can book a private taxi to Maihar from the nearest airport, railway station and bus stand to Maihar and reach Maihar.