July 24, 2024

Dimapur Jain Temple, Nagaland

Dimapur Jain Temple

In 1947, the Dimapur Jain Temple was constructed. The temple is well-built architecturally and has a striking structure. Intricate glass work can be found throughout the shrine. The residents of Dimapur consider the temple to be exceedingly auspicious. The SD Jain High School and the Mahavir Bhawan surround the temple, which is located on Jain Temple Road. Lord Mahavira is the temple’s Moolnayak. Today, Dimapur is Nagaland’s business centre, and it is where most Jain families have settled. The SD Jain Samaj Dimapur is in charge of the Dimapur Jain Temple.

During the pre-independence era, Kohima was home to the majority of Jain families. The Digamabar sect encompasses all of these families. Eight Sethi families built Nagaland’s first Jain temple in Kohima in 1920. However, due to the Japanese invasion during WWII, these folks relocated to Dimapur in 1944. The Dimapur Jain Temple, SD Jain School, and SD Jain Charitable Hospital were thereafter established by these families. Shri Phulchand Sethi, Shri Jethmal Sethi, Shri Kanhaiyalal Sethi, and Shri Mangilal Chabra were the most prominent among them. Shri Phulchand Sethi served as the founding secretary of the SD Jain Samaj in Dimapur, where he remained till 1976.

The SD Jain Samaj’s first president was Shri Udayram Ji Chabra, who was replaced by Shri Jethmal Sethi. On Jain temple road, next to Mahavir Bhavan, is the Dimapur Jain Temple. Dimapur is Nagaland’s business centre, and it is where most of Nagaland’s Jain families have settled. This Jain temple first opened its doors in 1947. The temple is an amazing and well-designed structure from an architectural standpoint. The temple is embellished with intricate glass work. The residents of Dimapur hold the temple in high regard. This temple’s Moolnayak is Lord Mahavir. SD Jain Samaj Dimapur manages and maintains the Dimapur Jain Temple.

How To Reach

By Road: From Dimapur, various modes of transportation are accessible to visit the temple in Srinagar. The location is well connected by road to the majority of Nagaland’s cities.

By Train: Dimapur railway station is a major rail head.

By Air: Dimapur has its own airport which is located nearly 4 km from the city

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